Real problem of the Japanese nuclear crisis

   I would like to introduce to English speakers a video from Video News titled 'FCCJ Journalists Discuss the Experience in the Disaster Area' (ca. 87min., the summary is here.). Here is the discussion, which was held on the 21st Apr. 2011 at The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan, with the journalists who stepped into Tohoku area right after the earthquake of the 11th March. They also point out the problems of the Japanese media and how strongly taboo it was to talk about the nuclear issue in Japan (from around 53min.), which seem to me the fundamental problem not only of this nuclear crisis but also of the Japanese society.

   I'd like also to introduce briefly that the Japanese jounalist Tetsuo Jimbo, one of these panelists who is called 'Teddy', is the one of a very few journalists who works sincerely around this difficult and delicate matter. We can see most of his works on Video News mentioned above. Unfortunately this site is only in Japanese but sometimes they upload the videos in English such as Press conference of Eisaku Sato, the ex-governor of Fukushima or Case study of Germany's nuclear energy policy by Greenpeace Japan.

   I am not a good English speaker, so I could follow probably just 70-80% of the video. However I would be happy to hear your opinions about it or about this matter, for I can hardly get this kind of opinions directly and I think it's really important to think about it. The comments are also welcome in French, in German and of course in Japanese. Thank you.

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